Kamasutra allows for intense orgasm

Kamasutra allows for intense orgasm

The work “Kamasutra”, attributed to Indian philosopher Vatsyayana, represents the vision of Antiquity over modesty and fully explores every aspect of human sexuality. This collection of erotic text was composed between 400 and 500 BC. It was rebuilt in the 2nd century AD.

This article is dedicated the oldest sex book

Pafta position

This is a rare sexual position due to its deep penetration. It can be difficult. It is crucial to follow these steps in order to avoid injury.

You can ask your partner to position her pelvis slightly higher than usual on a flat surface, such as a table, in order to facilitate penetration. I grab my partner and lift her up. To avoid injury, wrap your legs around your waist and keep your pelvis near your pelvis.

Position Secret

Ask your partner to lay on her stomach on a bed or on a table. Place the socks on your front thighs to allow penetration. During intercourse, your partner will place the sock on your front thighs.

Position Challenge

This is a difficult situation to find yourself in. Ask her to get down on a chair. To enter, she must be seated in a chair.

Waterfall position

This intimate relationship is not for everyone. It takes effort. Let’s see what this means. Ask your partner to place their head on the chair. Once you have reached her head, place your head in front of her navel. Her forehead will be touched by your feet. To get more stimulation and an assured orgasm, you can massage her breasts during penetration.

Indian Wheelbarrow Position

To do this, ask your partner to place your stomach on your stomach. Reach over and grab her legs, then bend down. As you hold her, lift her belly up to your penis and allow her to prick your genitals.

To take on this role, partner must be healthy. She must be able to take care of herself during the entire sexual experience.

Monkey position

The most difficult kamasutra position is the monkey position. This position will test your physical endurance as well as your leg muscles. This is a great place to lose weight.

Now, place your feet flat on your stomach and raise your legs up to 45 degrees. Her position will allow you to observe her vaginal penetration. You will see her lying backwards on your stomach, with your forearms touching your forearms. If she chooses, the partner can use her hands to stimulate her testicular or anal nerves.

Suspended Scissor Position

Ask her to first place the suspended scissors on one side. You will need to place your left foot on top of hers in order for her left foot to rest between your legs. To get in, bend down and grab your penis at the middle. During intercourse, she will support her palm on her hand.

Beginners should not attempt to hold a kamasutra position, many sexual positions in kamastura can be traced on free porn. There is a high risk of injury in certain positions, especially if both partners are healthy. Intercourse should not be uncomfortable.

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