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Clitoris and vagina

Clitoris and vagina

Where are the G-spot and clitoris? How does the vagina function? What is a vagina? How and why people squirt. Drawings exist, though, so that you are aware.

This guide is only able to give you some basic information. You may also want to examine your private parts in private to learn more about how they work. These genitalia drawings are provided to help you be aware of potential dangers when you’re on the bus.


They are often called vaginas by many people, but technically they can be called vulvae. People know what you mean. These are pictures of the vulva when they are asleep (which is not an indication that they are awake).

Vulva awakened

This is how the vulva looks when it’s awakened. Also, the lips (lips on either side of thevulva) are slightly open. You could even look at your vulva if you have one. Although your vulva may not look exactly like these drawings we hope that they give you some idea of the location.

You can see that vulvae appear very different when they are awakened from when they sleep. The vulvae are no different from penises when they awakened. The blood rushes into vulvae (more on the ones below) when the vulva awakens. This changes the shape, size, and color of the skin surrounding it.

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When they are awake, the lips expand and change in color. The appearance of the vulva can change dramatically as a result. You can also see your clitoris and vagina. They protect these parts from dirt and damage by acting as protection. They can be sensitive and pleasant to touch when they are awake.

Lips are unique and individual. There is no perfect or ideal lip. Sometimes, the inner lips may protrude from their outer counterparts. Other times they might not. These illustrated images show the genitals.
Closeup of the vulva

Below, we will examine one of the drawings depicting the upper vulva. I’ll explain the meanings of the labels below the drawing.

Pubic hair

It is the hair around the pubic area. There are some people who have more hair than others. Some prefer to shave. It all depends on the person, read more about pubic hair.

Clitoral hood

It is the skin that covers clitoris. It covers the clitoris’ outside and provides moisture to prevent any pain. Although the clitoris is small in this drawing, it is actually much larger. This is what I will show you in the next drawings.

It’s where vulvae pee. Although it’s not as obvious as these drawings make, you might want to examine your own vulva to determine where it is. We will be discussing this further when we get to the vagina.


It’s the area where people poop, and sometimes it is also the place where they have sex. Although it’s not part the vulvae, I am including it here to show you. It is located very close to the vagina. This is why people with vulvae should wipe their backs from the front to avoid infection. Because germs from the anus can get into the vagina and cause infection, this is important.

Let’s go, check our watches. It’s time to look at the clitoris.

The last drawing shows only the outside of the Clitoris. It doesn’t really look very large, as I have already said. The one below shows how large it is.

You can see the clitoral gland above. It is the part that comes out of the vulva. The remainder is located behind your lips and surrounds both the urethra as well as the vagina. The spongy cells in the shaft, bulbs, and leg are filled with blood that is released during arousal. You can feel a clitoris by pressing down on your outer lips.

It would look something like this if you took a cross-section of the above.

Elevated clitoris

The spongy cells of the corpus cavernosum are pumped with blood during arousal. They press down on the tunic, which is a firm and flexible wall. The entire clitoris expands and becomes stronger due to the pressure exerted by the spongy cells. It’s not only the penis that hurts. This is how a heavy clitoris looks.

As the clitoris becomes stronger, it expands and sticks to the outside more. Sometimes, the clitoris can be much bigger than this and may come out quite a lot. The clitoris was found under the hood of this clitoris, as you can see. This can make it easier to locate the clitoris during sexy times.

Many people believe that the clitoris is key to sexual pleasure. Research shows that sexual pleasure is most likely to be experienced by people who have one partner. For sexy moments that are pleasant, both the male and female partner may enjoy being touched, petted or licked. Some people find all of these activities pleasant while others don’t.

In my article on sex, you can learn more about how to touch the vagina and clitoris.


Now we will be discussing the middle ground. Let’s first look at the opening to the vagina. Here are some facts about the hymen, as it was once called.

Hymen crown

These are thin mucous tissue folds that surround the vaginal opening. They are called the hymen. It can be found within the vagina, at a distance of 1 to 2 cm. It is different in shape and people may have more than others. It isn’t a wall made of tissue that will burst in the first sex. This belief is widespread, but it is wrong. (This video demonstrates this). This article is great about the crown.

The vaginal entrance opens more as it stretches. It can be smoothened by many things, including vaginal discharge and menstrual bleeding. Although it is possible to bleed or cause pain during sex, this can only happen if the person isn’t relaxed enough, not prepared enough, or too activated. People who are ready and relaxed to have sex will not likely bleed. It shouldn’t hurt. It should feel beautiful first and foremost.

How to avoid painful sex

People sometimes believe that men’s bleeding means they are virgins. This is because they haven’t had a vaginal sex. This is completely stupid because 1) it is ridiculous, but 2) it is also because if someone claims they haven’t had sex before, others should believe them. 3) Why are you so obsessed with “virginity?” when it comes to “feminine” bodies, and not “masculine”.

Vagina inside

Do you feel it? It’s a liner that feels very similar to what you see on the inside of your vagina. Can you feel how the outside skin feels? It’s thin, delicate, and can change a lot. It is composed of a mucous membrane, which we also have in the ears and nose. Mucosa is the technical name. You can damage it by making small cuts.


The last illustration shows that the opening of the vagina can become very wet when the open is open. The moisture is mainly drawn from the inside of your vagina near the cervix. This moisture can slide into the vagina, and into the opening, during sexual arousal. This is actually plasma from the blood surrounding the vagina. Different people produce different amounts of moisture, so some people require extra moisture (such a saliva or a sexual lubricant). If the vagina is not moist and awake, it can become painful to perform sexual acts.

The size of your vagina

Vaginal size varies widely and can vary from one person to another. The length of the vagina was measured in this study at 41 to 95 mm (1.6 to 3.7 inches). The length of the opening to a vagina (the introitus in sex workers) was measured in this study and ranged between 6 to 75mm (0.2-2 inches). This is a huge variation, right?

If you are interested in vaginal penis, you might want to look at the penis size. The length of an erect penis ranges from 1.6 to 10.2 inches. The size of the erect penis was determined by the unexcited vagina. It is believed that the length of a vagina can double when it is awakened. More details are below. You can see that not all penises fit in every vagina, and not all vaginas fit well around certain penises. The penis may also be too thin for vaginal sex.

A key fact about the length and width of the vagina is that they don’t get larger in a short time. This was also confirmed by the researchers in their study. Many people believe that their vagina grows larger with more sex (hence the “bucket”-soften- use), but this is not the way the vagina works. They remain the same size but they become elastic when they’re turned on. People are more open to learning about their bodies and what they can expect from sex. This is what happens when your vagina awakens.

How the vagina works

It’s time to draw another one, I think. This drawing contains a lot of information, so I hope that you can understand it. It’s a section that overlooks the vagina.

The vagina becomes more flexible and wetter when it is awake. The vagina’s cervix is the most affected area. The vagina itself does not change in size, but the blood circulation is better and there is more lubrication. As a result, the wall of your vagina becomes smoother and more flexible. It’s easy to see this in the illustration. The vagina can be stretched further when it is awakened. This makes it more comfortable for sex.

How the vagina moves

The vagina is surrounded by strong muscles. They relax a lot when it’s awake but can still tense when it’s not. The fornix is very flexible. It can be stretched to allow for what is inside.

When awake, the fornix (upper & lower – or anterior & posterior) can stretch. This allows penis, sex toys and fingers to fit comfortably in the vagina. The fornix can not be stretched if the vagina isn’t awakened. This can cause incoming sex to become uncomfortable or painful.

Because it is possible to stimulate both the prostate and clitoris in the first third of the vagina, this area is extremely sensitive. However, many people find other parts of their vagina more sensitive at different times. The fornix is a sensitive area. Many people believe that the area near the opening of the vagina’s upper wall is extremely sensitive.

Learn how to have sex. This is the BISH guide.
Point G

Many people are sensitive to the touch of the upper, or front, wall of their vagina. Some people prefer different areas to touch the G-spot. Some people do. Some people have sensitive prostates.


Many people don’t realize they don’t pee in their vagina. Most people don’t realize that there is an opening just above the vagina but below the clitoris where urine leaves the body. Because every genital is different, it may be in a different location from person to person. It is also the place where fluids leave the body (ejaculating) and is thought to look a little like semen. A urinary tract infection is another possibility. It is best to wait until after you have sex to prevent this from happening.

Vaginal cleansing

The natural smell of a vagina is different for each person. Some people love this scent, while others don’t mind it. It is important to be careful when you clean your vagina.

Vaginal pH is a special level of acidity. Natural leaks along the vaginal canal can cause this. This causes the vagina to become clean. This is how the vagina cleans (smart Vagina). The pH level can be affected by adding soap to the vagina or too much water. This can make the vagina less likely to self-cleanse, and can lead to an infection that can make the vagina painful or smelly. The best way to clean your genital area is to just leave it!